Need to Hire a Car? Check out RentMyRide

If you hire a car often, or need one for a one-off trip, you want to be able to get the best value for money. Regular hire companies, with their fleets of cars across the country, have high overheads hence their prices can be extortionate; what you need is RentMyRide, the most affordable way of renting a car in South Africa. What’s so special about RentMyRide? Well, to begin with, RentMyRide is not a hire company as you know it, and it uses the biggest fleet of cars available – those that are privately owned!

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How does it work? It’s very simple: people who have cars that they don’t use all the time register their vehicle with RentMyRide; they are required to keep the vehicle well-maintained and roadworthy at all times, and they enter into a diary when the car is available and otherwise. When you want to hire a car you register with RentMyRide; they check your credentials, and you then search for a car near you, suitable for your requirements, and make an online reservation. You and the owner meet up, exchange the keys, and the deal is done. All payments are in advance, online, and everything is simple, safe and secure.

After the car is returned as agreed you can leave a review of the owner on RentMyRide – in fact we recommend you do, as this allows others to see how efficient they are – and they will do so for you. The beauty of RentMyRide lies in its pricing: as there is no fleet maintenance there are no high costs, and in fact you can save as much as 60% on regular car hire prices. Have a closer look at right now – it could be the car hire solution that makes things easier and saves you money.