Keep a Close Eye on Chinese Motor Manufacturers

affordable SUV South AfricaIt is a well-known fact that the automobile and vehicle manufacturing sector in China is the fastest growing worldwide. In recent years China has become a prime target for overseas manufacturers, so the opportunity for home-grown products has long been there.

Now, you can find Chinese vehicles in South Africa, courtesy of JMC. One of the leading names in the Chinese vehicle market, JMC offers a full range of vehicles, and is perhaps best known for its range of sturdy, well-built and affordable commercial vehicles such as trucks and vans. JMCSA is the national importer, with a full dealership, service and parts network servicing the country. JMC also has impressive new SUV’s have hit South Africa – check out the Landwind, for instance – and is adding to the product range all the time, so why not check out the full range at JMCSA the most affordable SUV in South Africa, and they will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.