Environmentally Friendly Manure Management

In the world of agriculture there are many areas of the business that need careful attention, and that are often covered by strict regulations. One of these is cattle waste management, and it can be difficult to get it right. AquaClean is a clever and proven product from BluePlanet SA, the African distributor for US giant BluePlanet, and offers the very real opportunity to actively treat manure from swine, cattle and poultry, while also increasing crop yield and growth rates.

manureAs the BluePlanet SA product range uses aerobic and anaerobic bacterial ingredients, careful researched tried and tested before being put to the market, it represents a safe way of treating manure – and other treatments too – and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and used in bioremediation in South Africa. If you need more information on the AquaClean range, or need advice on the best solution for you, get in touch with them right now, and one of their expert team will be on hand to help.